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Ráyo Furuta
Dubbed “The Rockstar of the Flute” by the Informador de Guadalajara (Mexico), Mexican-Japanese American flutist Ráyo Furuta has performed worldwide as a commanding and versatile performing artist within the classical, contemporary, world, jazz, and pop sectors.

Officiated as a cultural ambassador to the United States of America in 2014, Furuta has toured as a performer and teacher across Mexico, Japan, Austria, Czech-Republic, Poland, Hungary, and throughout the Middle East and North America. He has performed for internationally recognized names including Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, The Juilliard School, The United Nations, and the Mainly Mozart, Okayama, Sarasota, and Yellowbarn Music Festivals. As a dynamic performer, he has also frequented the stage as a concerto soloist, championing the contemporary concerti of Gabriela Lena Frank, Yuko Uebayashi, and Paul Schoenfield and a touring solo recitalist mastering the cornerstones of the flute repertoire.

Dedicated to Chamber Music, Furuta maintained an active role as the flutist with several ensembles including established duos with pianist Michelle Cann, percussionist Haruka Fujii, and flutist Carol Wincenc. He has also shared the stage with classical luminaries including Jon Nakamatsu, Peter Frankl, and members of the Avalon, Brooklyn Rider, Kronos, Mendelssohn, and Emerson String Quartets. Additionally, his passion for world music has led to performances with superstars Van Anh Vo (Danh Tranh), Sandeep Das (Indian Tabla), Vijay Gopal (Bansuri), Merima Kljuco (Accordion), Ghassan Sahhab (Qanun), and Christina Pato (Galacian Bagpipe) to name only a few. He is also a member of the Mexico-city based Contemporary Mexican Jazz Band, Toktli, and is a leading-artist-member of the Common Sounds ensemble.

As a passionate teaching artist, Furuta is the Professor of Flute and Chamber Music at San Jose State University, as well as the Lecturer of Performance Practice and Community Engagement at Santa Clara University. In addition, he leads courses in global music performance, ethnomusicology, and popular music. He has also served as a Visiting Professor of Flute at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Prior to this, he served as an instructor in flute and chamber music for the undergraduate music department at Stony Brook University as the hand-selected teaching assistant to the Emerson String Quartet.

He has held residencies and given master classes at institutions including the Oberlin Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Stanford University, Lebanese American University of Beirut, UC San Diego, University of Akron, University of Victoria (BC), and New York University, among others. In addition, he is a regularly rotating faculty member of the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute, Yes Academy - Egypt, Imagine Music Seminar in Beirut, and the Orqesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Guadalajara.

As an artistic philanthropist, Ráyo Furuta’s passion for social justice has led much of his musical career to bring music to marginalized communities around the world. Under his initiative "Mas Amor Arts," his ongoing projects include a presence in local juvenile detention centers and collaborative projects with homeless women of color to address injustices of gender, race, finances, healthcare, and homelessness. In addition, he has established an annual project in the disenfranchised districts of Tijuana, Mexico to bring music education to youth in an effort to keep them out of the streets. He has also performed for Syrian Refugees in the Middle East. Subsequently, he has developed Music & Social Justice curriculum for the Music Department at Santa Clara University.

As a celebrated curator, he is the Producing Artistic Director for Chamber Music Silicon Valley, a leading Californian arts organization. As well as Santa Clara University’s weekly Music@Noon concert series. He was named the winner of the 2018 X-Factor Arts Prize, which recognizes entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to advance the arts and creativity. And most recently, was announced as the 2019 “On the Stage” Artist Laureate of SVCreates, design to identify and recognize Silicon Valley’s finest artists based on the quality of their work and their commitment to enriching the community. In addition, he is an alumnus of the Multicultural Artist Leadership Institute (MALI).

As a recipient of the prestigious Staller Scholar and distinguished alumni “40 under 40” awards, Ray Furuta holds his doctor of musical arts degree from Stony Brook University where he was a pupil of Carol Wincenc and the Emerson String Quartet. Other important influences include flutists Isabelle Chapuis, Jill Felber, and Elena Yarritu, harpsichordist Arthur Haas, violinist Philip Setzer, and pianist and artistic visionary Wu Han.

Ráyo Furuta is a Burkart Artist and performs on a Lillian Burkart 9k gold flute and a .998 silver flute with a 14k gold head joint.
The Rockstar of the Flute
Informador de Guadalajara

Expressive and compelling
Santa Barbara Independent

The prodigy of the great flutist, Carol Wincenc
San Jose Mercury News

Repeat Performances

One of the nation's top emerging young concert artists.
Del Mar Times

Strong and Attractive
San Francisco Classical Voice

One of the most talented young musicians...
Philip SetzerEmerson String Quartet

A dynamic player whose artistic statement is powerful...
Carol WincencThe Juilliard School

Upcoming Events

October 06, 2023
Uebayashi & Lena Frank Concerti with Orquesta Sinfornia Juvenil Guadalajara, Mexico
October 08, 2023
Feature Performance with Chiffon FuSan Jose, CA
October 24 - 29, 2023
Burkart Flutes: California Recital & Master Class TourCalifornia
October 26, 2023
Composer Portrait: Pablo FurmanSan Jose, California
October 28, 2023
Lee Actor: Concerto for Two Flutes with Palo Alto PhilharmonicMonte Sereno, California
November 10-13, 2023
GLFCAM ResidencyBoonville, CA
November 23, 2023
Mozart Concerto in D major with Orquesta Filarmónica de SonoraHermosillo, MX
November 27 - December 4, 2023
Precious Scars: Bay Area Community TourCalifornia
December 10-18, 2023
Lyric Fest: Christmas CantataPhiladelphia, PA

Past Events

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"Para Linda"
August 16 - 20, 2023
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August 16, 2023
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August 15, 2023
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August 14, 2023
Recording Project
August 13, 2023
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April 14, 2023
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March 25, 2023
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December 17-18, 2022
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November 16, 2022
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November 08, 2022
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February 10, 2022
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January 16, 2022
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January 07, 2022
Faculty Recital
November 05, 2021
Speaker: Marion Cilk...
October 02, 2021
Mosaic Festival
March 13, 2021
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February 13, 2021
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January 22, 2021
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March 27, 2020
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March 10, 2020
Toktli at Cinequest
March 07, 2020
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December 14, 2019
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CMSV in Mexico Resid...
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April 13, 2019
CMSV: Common Sounds
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All "American" Recit...
April 06, 2019
All "American" Recit...
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March 30, 2019
All "American" Recit...
March 29, 2019
Common Sounds @ Mosa...
March 09, 2019
Special Guest with R...
February 01, 2019
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January 31, 2019
New Music Festival: ...
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January 26, 2019
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January 20, 2019
Master Class at Oran...
November 10, 2018
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November 07, 2018
Ray Furuta & Haruka ...
October 24, 2018
October 05, 2018
Common Sounds with M...
October 4, 2018
Faculty Recital
August 20, 2018
Recording Session: M...
August 18, 2018
Recording Session: M...
August 17, 2018
Vico Diaz: Toktli
August, 04, 2018
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August, 03, 2018
Annapolis Chamber Mu...
August, 02, 2018
Annapolis Chamber Mu...
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July 15, 2018 - July 21, 2018
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April 28, 2018
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November 13, 2017
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Performance with Sil...
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Hidden Valley Opera
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March 28, 2015
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December 16, 2014
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November 14, 2014
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Guest Artist - San F...
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April 26, 2014
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April 11, 2014
Sonic Spring Electro...
March 29, 2014
Stony Brook Symphony...
February 8, 2014
The Bach Flute Sonat...
January 25, 2014
IHS Benefit Concert
January 30 - February 2, 2019
Santa Clara Universi...
The Concerti of Gabriela Lena Frank and Yuko UebayashiRáyo Furuta is the premiere interpreter for the exhilarating concerti by composers Gabriela Lena Frank and Yuko Uebayashi. "Illapa: Tone Poem for Flute and Orchestra" by Gabriela Lena Frank depicts a moment in the life of Illapa, a powerful weather god from ancient South American Andean culture. While Yuko Uebayashi's "Concerto pour Flûte et Orchestre à cordes" melds her Japanese heritage with her French inspiration in an amazingly virtuosic and beautifully lyrical combination.
Ráyo Furuta & Michelle CannThe most dynamic flute and piano duo performing today, Michelle Cann and Ráyo Furuta’s performances together are unparalleled. As performers and educators on the forefront on classical music pedagogy, bookings can include panels, lectures, masterclasses, and/or career development or performance workshops.
view video...
Pasíon: Alt-Mariachi Performance ExperiencePASÍON is a concert-length performance featuring a series of popular Mexican ballads/love songs arranged for solo flutist/vocalist with an alt-mariachi ensemble. These arrangements were masterfully crafted by leona bassist and Jazz musician, Vico Diaz.
Other Collaborations

"Furujii" (Flute & Percussion) with Haruka Fujii

"Burkart Duo" (Two Flutes) with Carol Wincenc

"Common Sounds" (Global Music Fusion)

"Nunu" (Flute, Horn, & Piano) with Amr Selim and Seba Ali

with Van Anh Vo (Dan Trahn)

with PC Muñoz (Multidisciplinary/Percussion)

with Vico Diaz (Leona Bass)

with Shirley Muramoto (Koto)

with Chiffon Fu (Guzheng)





「フルート界のロックスター」とメキシコの新聞、Informador de Guadalajaraに称賛され、アメリカ、日本、メキシコと3つのバックグラウンドを持つフルタ氏は、世界を舞台にクラシック、コンテンポラリー、ワールド音楽、ジャズからポップまで、あらゆるジャンルにおいて幅広く活躍する。

2014年にはアメリカの文化大使を務め、アメリカ国内の都市をはじめ、日本、メキシコ、オーストリア、チェコ共和国、ポーランド、ハンガリー、中東を、演奏家/講師として旅する。これまでにヨーヨー・マ監修のシルクロード・アンサンブル、リンカーン・センター室内楽協会、ジュリアード音楽院、国連、Mainly Mozart音楽祭、岡山国際音楽祭、サラソタ音楽祭、イエローバーン音楽祭などで演奏した。


室内楽奏者としては、ハープ奏者のブリジット・キビーとFuruta/Kibbeyデュオ、パーカッション奏者の藤井はるかとFurujii、そしてフルート奏者のキャロル・ウィンセンスとBurkart デュオとして活躍している。他にはジョン・ナカマツ、ピーター・フランクル、そしてアヴァロン、ブルックリン・ライダー、クロノス、メンデルスゾーン、エマーソン弦楽四重奏団のメンバーらと共演する。また、世界各地の民族音楽への興味は尽きず、Van Anh Vo(ダン・チャイン奏者)、Sandeep Das(タブラ奏者)、Vijay Gopal(バーンスリー奏者)、Merima Kljuco(アコーディオン奏者)、Ghassan Sahhab(カーヌーン奏者)、Christina Pato(ガリシン・バグパイプ奏者)と、様々な民族楽器奏者との共演を楽しむ。メキシコシティを拠点とするコンテンポラリージャズバンドToktli、そしてCommon Sounds ensembleのリーダーでもある。


各地でのマスタークラスの開催にも熱心に取り組み、これまでサンフランシスコ音楽院、スタンフォード大学、ベイルート・アメリカン大学、カリフォルニア大学サンディエゴ校、サンノゼ州立大学、ヴィクトリア大学、ニューヨーク大学などに招聘された。Icicle Creek室内楽音楽祭、Imagine音楽セミナー(ベイルート)、 Orqesta Sinfonica Juvenil(グアダラハラ、メキシコ)でも講師を務める。また、ソーシャル・ジャスティスのフィールドにも身を置く音楽家として、最近ではホームレス施設や貧困区域内の学校、少年施設など世界中のあらゆるコミュニティーに音楽を届けようとコンサート活動を企画している。


地元カリフォルニア州ではアートシーンをさらに盛り上げようと、Silicon Valley室内楽音楽祭やサンタクララ大学でのMusic@Noonコンサートシリーズの代表を務める。2018年には革新的且つクリエイティブなアーティストに送られるX-Factor Arts Prizeを獲得。今年2019年には、シリコンバレーでコミュニティーを豊かにする為に最も尽力したアーティストとして、 “On the Stage” Artist Laureate of SVCreatesに選ばれた。

ストーニーブルック大学、大学院ではキャロル・ウィンセンスに師事し、卒業生として“40 under 40”アワードを受賞。在学中、エマーソン弦楽四重奏団はもとより、フルート奏者のイザベル・シャプイ、 ジル・フェルバー、エレナ・ヤリトゥ、ハープシコード奏者のアーサー・ハス、ピアニストのウー・ハンにアーティストとして最も影響を受ける。

Apodado "The Rockstar of the Flute" por el Informador de Guadalajara (México), el flautista mexicano-japonés estadounidense Ray Furuta ha actuado en todo el mundo como un artista versátil que domina los sectores clásico, contemporáneo, música del mundo, jazz y pop.

Nombrado embajador cultural en los Estados Unidos de América en 2014, Furuta ha realizado giras como intérprete y maestro en México, Japón, Austria, República Checa, Polonia, Hungría, en todo el Medio Oriente y América del Norte. Ha actuado con artistas de renombre y en festivales reconocidos internacionalmente, como el Conjunto Silkroad de Yo-Yo Ma, la Sociedad de Música de Cámara del Lincoln Center, la Escuela Juilliard, las Naciones Unidas y los Festivales de Música Mainly Mozart, Okayama, Sarasota y Yellowbarn. Como intérprete dinámico, también ha frecuentado el escenario como solista concertante, masterización los conciertos contemporáneos de Yuko Uebayashi, Brett Dean y Paul Schoenfield y como recitalista solista de gira que domina los pilares del repertorio de flauta.

Dedicado a la música de cámara, Furuta mantuvo un papel activo como flautista con varios conjuntos, incluyendo el dúo Furuta / Kibbey con la arpista Bridget Kibbey, Furujii con la percusionista Haruka Fujii y el Burkart Duo con la flautista Carol Wincenc. También ha compartido el escenario con luminarias clásicas, incluidos Jon Nakamatsu, Peter Frankl y miembros de los Cuartetos de cuerda Avalon, Brooklyn Rider, Kronos, Mendelssohn y Emerson. Además, su pasión por la música del mundo lo ha llevado a actuaciones con las superestrellas Van Anh Vo (Danh Tranh), Sandeep Das (Tabla India), Vijay Gopal (Bansuri), Merima Kljuco (Acordeón), Ghassan Sahhab (Qanun) y Christina Pato ( Gaita galaciana) por nombrar solo algunos. También es miembro de la Banda de Jazz Mexicano Contemporáneo con sede en la ciudad de México, Toktli, y es un destacado artista-miembro del conjunto de Sonidos Comunes.

Como apasionado artista docente, Furuta es profesor de Performance Practice y Music & Social Justice en la Universidad de Santa Clara. Además, dirige cursos de interpretación musical global y etnomusicología. Antes de esto, se desempeñó como instructor de flauta y música de cámara para el departamento de música de pregrado en la Universidad de Stony Brook como asistente de enseñanza seleccionado a mano para el Cuarteto de Cuerdas Emerson.

Ha realizado residencias y ha impartido clases magistrales en instituciones como el Conservatorio de Música de San Francisco, la Universidad de Stanford, la Universidad Libanesa Americana de Beirut, UC San Diego, la Universidad Estatal de San José, la Universidad de Victoria (BC) y la Universidad de Nueva York, entre otras. Además, es miembro del cuerpo docente del Instituto de Música de Cámara Icicle Creek, del Seminario de Música Imagine en Beirut y de la Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Guadalajara.

Como filántropo artístico, la pasión de Ray Furuta por la justicia social ha llevado a gran parte de su carrera musical a llevar música a comunidades marginadas de todo el mundo. Sus proyectos en curso incluyen presencia en centros locales de detención juvenil y para jóvenes sin hogar y escuelas de título 1. Además, ha establecido un proyecto anual en los distritos marginados de Tijuana, México, para llevar educación musical a los jóvenes en un esfuerzo por mantenerlos fuera de las calles. También ha actuado para refugiados sirios en el Medio Oriente. Posteriormente, ha desarrollado el plan de estudios de Justicia Social para la Universidad de Santa Clara.

Como curador célebre, es el Director Artístico Productor de Música de Cámara Silicon Valley, una importante organización artística californiana. Además de la serie semanal de conciertos Music @ Noon de la Universidad de Santa Clara. Fue nombrado ganador del Premio X-Factor Arts 2018, que reconoce ideas emprendedoras e innovadoras para avanzar en las artes y la creatividad. Y más recientemente, fue anunciado como el Laureado Artista “On the Stage” 2019 de SVCreates, diseñado para identificar y reconocer a los mejores artistas de Silicon Valley en función de la calidad de su trabajo y su compromiso de enriquecer a la comunidad. Además, es alumno del Instituto de Liderazgo de Artistas Multiculturales (MALI).

Como receptor del prestigioso Staller Scholar y distinguidos alumnos “40 under 40”, Ray Furuta tiene su doctorado en artes musicales de la Universidad Stony Brook, donde fue alumno de Carol Wincenc y del Cuarteto de Cuerdas Emerson. Otras influencias importantes incluyen las flautistas Isabelle Chapuis, Jill Felber y Elena Yarritu, el clavecista Arthur Haas y el pianista y visionario artístico Wu Han.
Eldin Burton
with Seba Ali, Piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff
How Fair This Spot
with Nicholas Dold, Piano
Antonin Dvorak
with Seba Ali, piano
Yuko Uebayashi
Sonata for Flute and Piano,
with Michelle Cann, Piano
Alban Berg
7 Early Songs
with Christina Dahl, Piano
Franz Schubert
Introduction and Variations on Trockne Blumen
With Michelle Cann, Piano
J.S. Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4
I. Allegro
Salley Koo, Violin Solo
Ray Furuta & Colleen Fernandez, Flutes
Jaram Kim & Lizzie Jones, Ripieno
Jessica Chang, Viola
Katie Youn, Cello
Zach Hobin, Bass
Stephen Gamboa-Diaz, Harpsichord
Claude Debussy
Trio for Flute, Viola, and Harp
with Meena Bhasin, Viola & Bridget Kibbey, Harp
Georg Philipp Telemann
Trio Sonata, TWV 42:d10
with Helen Kim, Violin; Arnold Choi, Cello; Erin Hanke, Harpsichord
Gustav Mahler
Das Lied von der Erde
with William Sharp, Violaine Melancon, Grace Park, Roger Tapping, Sunny Yang, Sam Suggs, Mark Hill, Elinor Rufeizen, Steven Dibner, Steven Stirling, Seth Knopp, & Qing Jiang
Francis Poulenc
Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano FP 43 (arr. Furuta)
with Steven Dibner, Bassoon; Qing Jiang, Piano
Antonin Dvorak
Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major
with Mark Hill, Oboe; Alan Kay, Clarinet; Carolyn Lockhart, Bassoon; Ann Ellsworth, Horn; Alexandria Le, Piano
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Flute Concerto in D minor, H.484.1
I. Allegro
Yuko Uebayashi
Concerto pour Flûte et Orchestre à cordes (Selection)
I. Lento-Allegro
Yuko Uebayashi
Concerto pour Flûte et Orchestre à cordes (Selection)
III. Allegro Scherzando
Lee Actor
Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra (Selection)
I. Allegro Molto
Lee Actor
Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra (Selection)
II. Adagio
Lee Actor
Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra (Selection)
III. Allegro Molto Vivace
Paul Schoenfield
Flute Concerto (Klezmer Rondos)
Amr Selim
Common Sounds Ensemble
With Amr Selim, Horn; Mike List, Frame Drum; Akshay Prabhakhan, Mridamgam; ShenShen Zhang, Pipa; Brian Wong, Koto
Zhao Jiping
Sacred Cloud Music
Common Sounds
With ShenShen Zhang, Pipa; Angie Villa, Flute; Amr Selim, Horn; Brian Wong, Koto; Ciiku Ndungu, African Drum; Mike List, Percussion
Sandeep Das
Common Sounds
with Amr Selim, Horn; ShenShen Zhang, Pipa; Mike List, Frame Drum/Tambourine; Akshay Prabhakan, Mridangam
with Van Anh Vo, Danh Trahn
Shirley Muramoto, Koto; ShenShen Zhang, Pipa; Ciiku Ndungu, Percussion
John Zorn
Common Sounds
Ray Furuta, Flute & Duduk
Shenshen Zhang, Pipa
Amr Selim, Horn
Carl Schultz, Tenor Saxophone
Vico Diaz, Leona Bass
Mike List, Riq, Dumbek, Frame Drum